Hello everybody!

So I’ve been meaning to start a library blog for a long time, and here it is. I work in a small academic library in New England, and I’m trying to learn enough tech stuff to eventually become a systems librarian, preferably one who still does reference. I’m going to be involved in (ie. doing with some help from IT) some new projects at my library, such as trying to implement im reference, upgrading the ILS server, and maybe even setting up some sort of electronic reserves system! So if you’re interested in hearing about any of that, stay tuned.

I’ll also be posting about what I think about libraries, and what I think libraries should be. I find that working all day every day, particularly when my primary responsibilities aren’t my primary area of interest, has the effect of dulling my interest in libraries. I’m hoping this blog will keep me thinking and talking and connecting to other librarians without getting bored. It seems silly to talk about getting burned out when you’ve only had the MLS for 6 months, but believe me, it can happen. I’m hoping to keep that from ever happening.


February 22, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Jeff Wang replied:

    Congratulation on your new blog! Will be back for more.

  2. Amy Hill (Palaia now) replied:

    Hi Elsa! We used to work together at Connecticut College. Jeff led me to your blog, we chatted over IM a few months ago.

    I am SO excited you went through with Library Science. I love your blog. Talk to me anytime through my e-mail:

  3. newbielibrarian replied:

    Hi Amy! I’m glad you found me. Now I have two readers! Yay! Let me know if you have one.


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