I was going to blog . . .

I had said that I was going to blog CIL, and I apologize that I wasn’t able to do it. Let me explain:

I had and still have serious doubts about having a professional blog, and since I’m still so new at this, I decided I wasn’t ready to register as one of the conference bloggers. I was planning to blog unofficially as the conference went on, and maybe post my blog to the wiki. Unfortunately, once I got there it was clear that there was no wireless available except to bloggers. It was a good conference, but personally I had much higher expectations for on site access. So I planned to register that night when I went to the hotel, which did have free wireless.

Then I got a massive stomach flu, which completely prevented me from doing anything at all on Thursday and left me drained and shaky for Friday. I got over it quickly, but it added to general travel and conference exhaustion.

I’ll try to put up some general impressions in the next few days, but being gone left me behind at work and I’m still catching up. I will post again soon, and I have high hopes for actually starting the im reference project after some great presentations. Keep checking, I haven’t forgotten about this blog entirely!


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I mentioned this over on Meredith’s blog, but I’ll say it here as well. ALA could do a lot to break down barriers to membership and participation. Something that might help, and they may already do this but if they do they really need to publicize it, is offering scholarships, reduced registration fees and deals with discount hotels and youth hostels as well as nice hotels. I was lucky enough to get funding from my institution to go to CIL2006 (I’ll be blogging, so stay tuned!) because we get a consortium discount and I have relatives in the area I’ll be staying with instead of in a hotel. A couple hundred dollars isn’t a big deal to a big institution, but I’m from a relatively poor rural state and $200 is a big deal even at the college I work at. Doing some need based scholarships and fee reductions could change a conference from impossible to a reality for some people, and greatly increase access. And isn’t that what librarians are all about?

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Zines and coll. dev.

I am a very cool librarian because I bought some zines for one of the students to use as a primary source.  When you study pop culture you need pop culture sources, I wasn’t finding them in OCLC, and I think that adding rare materials to the greater library collection is a pretty cool thing to do.   Now they will be available for other patrons at libraries with strict collection development policies.  We’re already making a name for ourselves as a library with small holdings who will lend any of them, and a disproportionate amount of our books are a little weird.  I’m proud to add to that tradition. 

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Plagiarism and presentation

I’ve been asked to do a short opening presentation for a statewide reference roundtable being hosted at my library in about a month.  The presentation and following discussion are on how to teach plagiarism in new and interesting ways as part of user instruction.  The reason I am presenting, even though I do not actually teach user instruction and have only assisted or taught one on one, is because I was the only one interested in it.  It’s a little nervewracking, but I think this will be good experience for me.  I think at least half the battle is going to be finding anything at all interesting or amusing about the topic to mention, but I’ve already got some ideas and I’m looking forward to it already.

The second part of the program is going to be on Googles Scholar, Map and Print, and so my mission is to find time in the next month to set up our journal linker with Google Scholar and our holdings with Google Print.  It doesn’t look like a hard project in itself; what will be difficult is finding time between ILL requests.  But how cool would that be to have that going?

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