Gosh, I know it's been ages since I've posted.  Rest assured, it has not been ages since I've thought about libraries.  It's partly that I've been victim to that end of the year rush that overwhelms, and partly that I've been doing some thinking about what this blog is and what the purpose should be. 

For now, I'm at the VLA conference!  I'll be blogging in more detail a little later, but the highlights so far: Howard Frank Moser was a good keynote speaker, although I think he was unusual.  He didn't talk about libraries, just about stories and the Northeast Kingdom, and how he gets the inspiration for his books.  Interesting and fun, if not immediately pertinent.  Next I went to a presentation on Vermont authors, and right now I'm in the break between Meredith's social software presentation and one on integrating technologies at the library.  More tomorrow or later.   


May 16, 2006. VLA. 1 comment.